Shaoyang conference in Milan Expo - 23 June 2015

Shaoyang is a prefecture-level city in Hunan province of China. It has one city area and 8 suburban counties,  with a population of 8 million, the largest in Hunan province.

The conference-meeting will be hosted by a delegation composed of 6 government officials and 10 entrepreneurs, led by Mr ZHAO Weiji, the deputy mayor of the people’s government of Shaoyang.

Details about Shaoyang conference:

Theme : 1. Exhibition and promotion of Shaoyang city / tourism. 2. Meet with potential Italian partners in the domains of tourism, cases / bags, and wine / alcohol / food.

Date : at 11:00 , the 23 June 2015 (Italian time)

Place : at the ballroom on the second floor of Chian Pavilion in Milan Expo

After the conference - meetingn, the participants will be invited to take lunch with the delegation, during which they can continue the exchanges.

If you are interested in attending this event, please fill up the online form. Attached name-list of the delegation.

If you come with other persons, please put here their name / business area / position and company name.

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